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Coco+Camo Illustration

22 Jun

Here’s an illustration I did of Coco with his favorite color, ‘Camo’.  It was sketched with a black dry erase marker, on a dry erase board.  I then took an iPhone photo of it, and brought the sketch into photoshop, where I added some highlights and the camo print.  I would throw Coco’s logo at the bottom right, but Annchan is the only one who knows how to draw it properly.  Maybe we should print this onto canvas?


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Coco in Pacifica

04 Jun

Coco gets to enjoy sunsets at Linda Mar Beach, in Pacifica, with Ra & Tony, while they surf..

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Coco got buzzed

02 Jun

Yup. It was about time. Coco needed a haircut. He looked like an Ewok from Star Wars.

It actually began with me wanting to do yoga in the living room.  I looked at my dirty living room floor and didn’t want to ‘downward dog’ my face into the dirty floor, so I decided to vacuum. And then I realized I had this dog grooming tool I can attach to the vacuum, so I decided to vacuum-brush Coco. And then, since I was going to vacuum brush Coco, I thought it might be the right time to chop off  his hair.

So I grabbed a pair of big scissors and started chopping his hair off.  Sure enough, with my non-hair-cutting skills, Coco looked like he got butchered. Thank goodness for Ratha, he came to rescue Coco with clippers, and he looks like a puppy now.

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Gotta Give That Love

26 May

No matter how much money you have, no matter how much delicious and nutritious food you eat, you won’t survive without some love in your life. I had to take a moment  to show coco some love first thing in the morning. I think abundance of love is the secret to Coco’s longevity. He is 17 years old, turning 18 this October. That is 119 in human years!

Coco also got some love and blessings from Don P…..


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The Real Coco

13 May

Welcome to Coco & The Wagon!


Welcome to Coco & The Wagon

13 May

Coco and the Wagon, is brought to you by the experiences of Annchan Jones.  Here you can find great photos of the awesome culinary creations she makes daily.  And of course, you can catch a glimpse of Coco and The Wagon.  To start this site off., here’s photos from a recent trip to Santa Cruz, and the beautiful 3-tiered cake that Annchan made, supervised by the one and only Coco. (it was her first time making this kinda of cake..)